Saturday, December 25, 2010

Why Me?

I thought I would use my first blog post to explain why I decided to start a new blog. I currently write the Russell Neighborhood blog. That is a blog primarily focused on the Russell Neighborhood and is actually sponsored by C.A.R.R, the Concerned Association of Russell Residents. As you can imagine it has a somewhat narrow focus. I wanted an avenue where I could share a wider range of thoughts and ideas. Hence, the Urban Louisville blog.

There are a ton of blogs about Louisville, but unlike most of them, this will have a heavy focus on West Louisville. To my knowledge, the only other blog that has a focus on West Louisville (or Black folks in general) is the Russell Neighborhood blog. I wanted to write this blog, because somebody has to articulate the hopes, dreams, fears, problems, and solutions of the residents west of 9th street and to connect our struggle to that of the larger community. I also wanted to write this blog, because I have much that I want to share. I want to comment on things that not only affect my little part of Louisville, but all over, and this is the perfect vehicle.

So, on this Christmas morning, I hope you enjoy my little gift to you.  

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