Thursday, December 22, 2011

Who Will Be The Next Louis Coleman?

Who will be the next Louis Coleman, because black Louisville really needs one. Since his passing there has been a tremendous void that has yet to be filled by either a person or an organization. Which is sad because there are serious problems that need to be addressed in not only black Louisville, but the community at large. I know a lot of people did not like Louis, but if anything he could bring attention to a problem. Often times he was the voice of the voiceless. Louisville needs that now, especially black Louisville. I have read about the potential hospital merger, the bridges debate, JCPS audits, JCPS busing and much more, but it seems in the black community that discussion is not going on. At least I haven't heard a lot of black folks talking about these issues. Which is sad because these issue will have a tremendous impact on us. It would also seem that black Louisville doesn't have voice in these issues as well. It's like we are just the silent minority without an opinion or any input.

As for who will be the next Louis Coleman, or what organization/s will be the voice of the voiceless....I don't know. I just hope the void is filled.