Friday, June 3, 2011

Love and Marriage: This is Why I'm SIngle

After reading an article about why women might be single I thought it appropriate to put together a list of why men are single.  Then it dawned on me, it’s not the same, it’s not the same because as one friend told me as I was putting together this blog, men are not pressured to be in a relationship, there’s not the same stigma attached with a single man as it is with a single woman.    With that being said, the original article “Love and Marriage: This is why you’re Single,” that prompted my thoughts has become “Love and Marriage: Why I Choose to be Single.”
*Caution, of course this doesn’t represent the thoughts of all men, but if you read this and can relate you know the adage “if the shoe fits wear it.” To all women this may be hard to swallow, but there’s an old saying for you as well, “the truth hurts.”  Here are my 10+ reasons why men choose to be single.  +note 10, 11, and 12 can be lumped together.
  1. Unlimited Booty Calls no need to be in a relationship/ get married; I can get all the sex I want without the hassle of commitment.  Generally it just takes a drink at the bar, a dinner and movie, and in some cases the infamous 3 A.M. call.
  2. I got keys Why be in a relationship/ get married if I can just shack up. You can cook for me, clean for me, wash my clothes, and tell all your little girlfriends “girl I got a man.” Sure you do you gave me a set of keys to the crib.
  3. “Dime” Piece I want the “dime,” I haven’t found a woman who meets every criteria on my list. She has to be shapely, cute, smart, have a job, no kids, hair, and is a freak in the bed.
  4. Stingy with the Benjis I don’t have a lot of money, but if I get married the little money I got a woman will take some when we divorce.  I’m not getting married because I want to keep my money, same thing with relationships.  If I have a girlfriend, if something happens and she needs some money she’ll think I’m obligated to give her some.
  5. Divorced been there done that not doing it again.
  6. I’m too FlyI look to good to get married, I get so much attention from women why would I settle with one when I’ve loved, adored, and wanted by many, not only that I’m too young, I got things to do a woman would just cramp my style.
  7. Heartbroken contrary to popular believe you’ve had your heart broken before, don’t like the feeling and so now, no woman, gets the benefit of doubt. As far as you’re concerned they’re all hoes and sluts, and would just as soon dog you as soon as they could.
  8. Hoes and Sluts I see the way you dress, and the way you look, you a hoe.  You told me“I don’t normally do this,” so I guess I’m special.  I’m supposed to believe all those Trojans in the pickle jar are just in case.  Meeting me on the first time showing me your skills is something you don’t do all the time either, huh?  Why would even think about marrying someone like you.
  9. Zero Pressure Nobody is telling me I need to get married, none of my boys are married, my mama ain’t asking me when I’m going to get married.  Now that I think about it I really don’t see myself getting married… don’t even ask me to go to a wedding, not going to happen.
  10. Baby Daddy Drama always seems to follow a woman with kids, you try to hang with them every once and while and soon as you do here comes, Tyrone causing problems.
  11. Bebe’s kids you don’t want to marry because women who have children seem to have some little demons, and since men and women parent different, you don’t think it would ever work.  She let’s them run around turning up stuff, you’re quick to put a stop to it, which causes problems.  Another problem kids get all attached to you like you’re their dad, so much so the kids start calling you dad.
  12. Replacement Dad you see every woman with kids as a woman looking to get a daddy for their bad ass kids.
  13. I ain’t Changing relationships mean I have to change who I am, have to be in at a decent time, got to hear drama if I want to watch the game.  I go from being able to relax kick my shoes off in the middle of the floor to having to be responsible.
  14. Badge of Honor I like being a bachelor; I wear my title bachelor, like a badge of honor.
Men and women are different and we see life different, one aspect is relationships.  Traditionally women want them and men don’t.  Of course, if women really wanted that to change it could, but women would have to be on a common front… Til Next – The Intellectual1, Shawn Gardner)

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  1. Very interesting post. I have seen and read this in variations on the theme from both men and women of all races. The truth hurts, yes, but there are some sane women left without a ton of bad children and accompanying drama; hangups and baggage. It took me too long to get my stuff together but I think I am almost there:) I feel that women like me get lumped in with all the other gold digging, givin up the booty chicks. What do we do? Raise the bar higher or lower? Wait til...