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Family Fun Math Night and our Newest Blogger

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I’m Advocate Scott, a soon-to-be-16 year old kid. I am an upcoming junior at duPont Manual High School. I love politics, education, and having fun. Family is a huge component of my life, as is school. Some of my hobbies are reading, writing, and cooking.
I am writing because the blogosphere in Louisville needs a younger voice. I will be blogging about everything from literacy to the city’s budget; from pop culture to Casey Anthony. I am bringing a serious political analysis to my blog, while adding a youthful light-heartedness. Check back often for my latest post!

Family Fun Math Night

Last week an event took place at St. Augustine church in West Louisville called Family Fun Math Night. FFMN was put on by a group of people that genuinely care about the youth of the community. The purpose of the event was to make learning (math) fun and show that learning can be fun. I had the opportunity of volunteering at this wonderful event and seeing how much of a success that it was. The amount of people that showed up and had fun, the clear outpouring of support, and the effort that was put into the event all are a part of what made this event a success.

Walking into the event it I was surprised at the number of volunteers there were. There were so many people, including a lot of kids, helping to set up. It was wonderful to see everyone having fun before the program had even started. I think that it was the excitement of the event that had everyone “all smiles”. Then it was awesome to see people who had come to the event just to support, sit down for hours and volunteer. The crew was awesome! A few days before FFMN, I had the privilege of volunteering with the organizer at a community forum. So many people at that forum were telling the lady that they would support and help anyway possible; it is just awesome to see that people do care about the betterment of our community. 
So many families showed up to be a part of this event. The kids were happy to have fun, serious when it came to absorbing the material, and glad to have help. The parents were very helpful (as parents are) with helping teach the kids. I think the kids really appreciated the peer-to-peer learning, because you could see their excitement rise as they sat down at the table with me or other youth.  The district school board member showed up and worked with the kids. The kids were all attentive to the activities; even when it took a longer time for them to complete the activity they put a huge effort into it. A local parent/school teacher was impressed by the event; she is happy at the initiative and that it helps bring youth into a positive atmosphere.

The effort put into this event was extraordinary. The organizers went to community events to spread the word, got on the news, and did online social networking. FFMN was a complete success! Look at for the next one!

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