Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Fun Math Night: More than Just Fun and Games

This Saturday, July 9th, a ground breaking event will take place in West Louisville.  The West Louisville Math and Science Project, Inc. will host a Family Fun Math Night!  You might ask, “How is this groundbreaking?  There are plenty of schools that host math nights.”.  We believe it is ground breaking because this event is the beginning in a series of other events that will turn the tide on the achievement of low performing students.  It will also change the mind set of the community from being reactive and feeling helpless to being proactive about the education of children.  This event, hosted by a community organization, will be a statement that we will no longer sit by and read reports about how African-American children are low performers in math (or any subject for that matter).  We will no longer sit by while schools blame parents and parents blame schools.  It is time for the community to step in and that’s what we’re doing.
Family Fun Math Night is designed to create a comfortable (non-intimidating) setting for children to participate in math activities and games.  While it will benefit children in a great way, we believe it will also have a great impact on families.  It is designed to allow families to interact with their children so they begin to understand how their children process information.  It is also designed for families to identify the confidence level of their children, various techniques they can use for encouragement and to provide information to their children.  One of the important aspects of the event is that it will show families how to set the foundation for their children so they no longer have to struggle in school. 
Some children will master many of the activities and some will not.  That does not matter.  What does matter is that families are together, children see their families excited about their learning and that families leave with a renewed sense of being able to fully participate in their child’s learning.  It is also important for the entire community to participate as if each one of the children in the community were our own.  It is THAT critical.  We must take action like we have never taken before.
So with that said...  Join us!
DATE:  July 9, 2011
TIME:  5:00PM - 7:00PM
LOCATION:  St. Augustine Catholic Church
                     1310 West Broadway 40203
Dinner is on us!

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