Thursday, August 16, 2012

Can Artist Save West Louisville?

In my last post about revitalizing West Louisville I proposed that we copy the Paducah, KY model with our own Artist relocation program. Here is a video about Paducah's program. If they can't do it why can't we?

Here is an article by an artist who moved to Paducah and renovated one of those old Mansions and his experience with the program  (part 1, part 2, part 3). Thoughts?


  1. Interesting...I do believe artists can save/revitalize an area. I am not an artist (except in my own mind!), but I am an art appreciator. I recently purchased West End house in Portland and am really happy I made the decision to do it. Being new to Lou, I heard constantly from *locals* to not buy in the West End, but, as is my nature, I listened to my own drum. There are so many beautiful houses in the West End and many are boarded up. They are beautiful, strong houses in need of a little Arty TLC. In fact, the beautiful house I bought (and they are cheap!) is next door to three foreclosed shotguns with a lot of potential. Artists would be the perfect owners for these houses and the neighbors are not only open-minded and non-conformists, I believe they would embrace an artist community. I mean how could we not? One could paint their house neon pink and it would be an improvement to boarded up windows. Having artists in the 'hood, I think, could lead to spontaneous art fairs and festivals. In turn, fairs and festivals could lead to opportunity for restaurants, shops, galleries, youth opportunity, etc.

    I plan to explore the Paducah model a bit more, but count me in as a supporter of your idea! :)

  2. I just stumbled on this blog and love it. Your ideas are articulate and reasonable. Coincidentally I am something of an artist. It is why I stumbled on your blog. I am a photographer (old school film) and require more than a small corner of an apartment to develop and print images, i.e. darkroom with water source and space for several pieces of large photographic enlargers as well as space to spread out work for visual analysis and further processing, etc. Problem is, what Louisville calls an artist loft is usually a tiny box with industrial walls and exsposed vents that comes at a hefty price. I apologize, I digressed. What I'm getting at is I've long appreciated the West End for the old warehouses as well as large homes, (I am in love with the sadly decaying Ouerbaker House but certainly don't have the funds to renovate it.) I'm looking for a warehouse space that can be used as an apartment as well as a studio for my work. I just assumed with all the empty warehouse space, that would be a readily available option, but so far I've found nothing. It seems no space there is available for my needs which makes no sense.I wish I was at a point where I could purchase property (that would solve my space problems) but financially I am not. I make a living as a postal worker, photography is what I do because I love it. So even I don't exactly fit the proposal you've made. In any case, if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them. Until then, keep up the great work and I look forward to reading more from you.
    (I apologize, I've let my blog lapse so I selected anonymous to post as but my name is Steven Willis)